Sunday, November 14, 2021

Loving ALL of You

 I know I did two posts on this blog this weekend, but my work weeks kinda tap my mind such that I don’t want to do deep thinking in the evenings, so I want to do this one this weekend.

I touched on it in my post where I detailed several playlist songs and why they are included, but I want to repeat it and expand a little.. especially as it is a necessary counterpoint to the others of this weekend.

In my recent posts I said that you need to be able to love the self that let you be hurt and your past to move forward, but it is also important to love ALL of you.  There was a very romantic scene in Legacies where Josie and her girlfriend was fighting, because Josie wanted her to go away before she hurt her or if she didn’t like her dark side.  At one scene the Dark Josie shows up and was saying she was the ONLY Josie.  This is the part that follows..

“I am Josie.”

“You can’t be as long as one side is trying to take over the other.  You think you have to fight it, but all you have to do is love it.” 

“Until you’re ready for that, I’ll love your dark side for you.” 

Then, she kisses her and dark Josie fades to regular Josie.  

We need to learn to love ALL of ourselves.. the good, the bad, and the ugly.. and then do that for the ones we value, as well.  They aren’t two sides.. a good and a bad one.  They are both us, and together we accomplish more then spending our energy trying to destroy ourselves or our future.

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