Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Personal Update on Upcoming Life Stages

 I've done this a few times and had to revise the goal posts as challenges came, but I think this time it should hold.  I want to take this time to note the change that is about to happen with my personal finances and what that means for my living standard.

There have been several updates to my life over the course of the last month.  Roughly a month ago, my car was in a wreck, and I had to deal with that, which took up 800 dollars of my savings for a down payment on the new car... but the end result was a better car.... than the last car, which was itself better than the car before it that was stolen.  Each time there was a downturn, it resulted in a personal elevation. Add to that getting offered a permanent job at my workplace with higher pay, and my goal posts are about to get hit very fast.  

With personal savings to this point and the new pay, I will be able to be on monthly at my residence by the end of this month, as well as begin buying Christmas presents.  You may recall that I had to go to higher cost weekly at my residence in May, which made it hard to get ahead.  Now, my rent cost will be about 200 dollars less per month on monthly.  You may also know that I'm paying more for the tax and title fee for the car that I got in installments of higher car payments.  Even with that, I am able to do what I said and that will be done by mid December and lower to regular car payments (roughly 500 dollars less per month).  Thanks to both of these dropping in December and the higher pay, I will be able to pay off my credit cards by the end of December.. even with very good Christmas presents and spending money weekly.  That results in another 80 dollars less per month and an emergency credit if needed.

One reason for that my pay has ALREADY been higher than it was over the last year with the temp job.  You just couldn't see it due to dealing with one auto or other need or another, but all of those are coming to an end.

All in all by January, I will be at a life stage of being able to pay my bills, 400 spending money monthly, 800 investing money monthly, and another 200 to either spend on my dates or blow in gambling.  By mid Spring, I forsee myself being able to get into a better residence with bedrooms and an oven.  

Each of these makes me more attractive as a provider in my dating potential, and I am going to use my new political free Instagram to fully paint a picture of what life with me will be.  I don't anticipate it taking that long to find the right person for that deficiency, as well.

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