Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Prepare Yourself

 I will be taking a small break from seeking dates.  I got a better paying job, but it will require me going without pay a week, as I shift to 2 week pay cycles.  So 2 weeks from now will be tight, but I have a budget through it.  After that, life activities can resume.

That said, I realized something else.. though I’d already been practically applying it.  If you want the attention of others, you should spend money on yourself.

That sounds absurd, but it is true.  Though others like it when you spend money on them, once you have them, people pay attention to flashy things. It’s why the peacock spreads it’s feathers.  Humans, also, ignore those in need around them but notice what millionaires do on sports or entertainment media.  At least in part, my lack of romance attention is related to the fact that I’m still rebuilding after the divorce.  

So.. after I get through paying the 500 dollar tax and title fee on the car in higher weekly payments and after buying Christmas presents (because that’s using the money for those close to me), I plan to use all extra money to improve myself, my assets, my residence, and my appearance.  As I spread my feathers, I’ll attract the right woman that will see my ability to provide, and that’s when romance will happen as it should.

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