Sunday, November 21, 2021

The Answer is in the Question

I've said before that we often over-spiritualize Scripture to mean something mystical, when it had a practical application.  I think we do that with seeking guidance from God, as well.

I have money free this weekend that I could use to pump into dating apps or improve myself or such, without impacting any other budget goals.  So, I have been waiting to "feel" from God what I should do.. if I should act on that hope or just wait.  So, this morning I was waiting for inspiration, and I decided to pray.  As I kneeled there, I was having a hard time concentrating on it, so I asked for a clearer mind, at which point it occurred to me that I had not taken my CoQ10 this morning, which helps restore the concentration the anti cholesterol statin I take removes.  My point being that I would have known the answer to THAT problem, if I just voiced the question.

I think the same is true for dating, work, or a lot of other things.  A lot of time, if we would just voice what we DESIRE it would tell us what path we should take.  I mean... the unvoiced question of mine, "Should I use dating apps or make attempts," is answered pretty clearly in the question.  If I DESIRE to have a relationship, I should be acting to get it.  Maybe the reason I am not hearing God respond is that he is too busy doing a face palm and shaking his head.

This is like my comment disagreeing with Tobymac on Facebook, yesterday.  I love Toby.  He graduated from the same school where I got a Bible degree, but he has a very heart feeling and diverse soul that I appreciate.  Yet, this post was him saying that if we want God to open a door we need to take our hand off the handle.  That's like... the exact opposite of what the Bible or logic teaches.  Jesus demanded the participation of everyone that he helped.  God expects us to be making acts of faith if we desire to see results.

So, if you are like me and having been wondering whether you should act on what you desire as you wait for God to do it for you, I'd say.. you answered your own question when you lacked something you need.  God will have his part in delivering the result, but it's not going to happen without you there.

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