Saturday, December 25, 2021

Happiness .. Not Activism

 I have had a message that I have suggested in other blogs but didn't address directly, and I wanted to do it, now.  I debated which blog it would be best to use, but this one seems more of a fit, as it deals with happiness.  The blog post is about happiness, after all... and having the knowledge to be able to do it.

You have heard me being critical of feminism and claims of "equality" on the left, recently.  This doesn't come from a desire to see women less successful or to put down my manhood as a gauntlet.  Overall, I have spent more than half of my life holding opinions and making choices to be supportive of both liberal and feminist points of view.  I raised both of my daughters by telling them of the inequality of opportunities that existed out there and discrimination against both women and those of the LGBTQ community, and I supported them in their choices in those arenas, even while giving them caution of the path that lay ahead in those choices.

And, that leads me to the point of this post.... the caution that is not given to women and others as they followed the liberal activism paths being laid for them.

I read and posted a year ago from an article that was focusing on the struggles that women face as they blazed paths that liberal media laid for them to follow.  In the article, they said that these women were "pioneers" and would one day be the great women that sacrificed much to bring about a culture of equality.  However..... did they ASK to sacrifice their lives for others?  Did the media let them know that they would be surrendering their life happiness for a cause?  No.  They were led to believe it was RIGHT THERE.  After all, Hillary almost winning showed society had changed.  But... had it?

Now, we are seeing feminism, itself, being sacrificed on the Democrat alter of power, as this government is literally paying women to stay home and make babies with a stimulus that only pays them if they have children.. a stimulus that also doesn't pay women that work instead of having kids and doesn't pay those of the LGBTQ community.  And, the Democrat voters sing the praises of their dreams dying so that an old rich man can reap all the glory and mansplain to women why they should be happy.

My problem wasn't the goals.  It was the fiction of the state of society and the lies told to women and LGBTQ to sacrifice their lives so that Democrat leaders (who have old style marriage power structures and traditional families) can live in their mansions and ignore those that gave their happiness to get them there.  Society is NOT there, and it will not be for a long while.

I don't speak that from ignorance.  In my first marriage, I spent 7 years homeschooling an ADHD daughter and taking care of the house to enable my wife at the time to pursue her career ambition in management jobs.  I have seen the condemnation that men get in the home, more by women than by men, as well as how being in such a role make you less attractive to the women that pursue the goals... no where in society is it presented that a man that cooks or cleans or listens is sexy.  Indeed, liberal society took that man-type and made him gay, instead.... whether the man in question was interested in women or men.. because doing so justified them in finding him less attractive.  Unfortunately, I repeated this error and lesson learning in my 2nd marriage, as well.

The reality is that if you pursue those liberal activist goals, you will not be as happy as one that lives more stereotypical lives.  Instead of romance, you will find distance.  Instead of acceptance, you will find yourself being ignored more than a homeless man asking for money.  Instead of happiness, you will find depression.  And, I don't just mean the man... everyone will be affected and none will be happy.  But, if you object, you will be cast aside by a movement that enlightens you it was never about them liking you but your agreement with their cause.

So, I can hold beliefs of society one day reaching those levels of equality, but I have come to understood the REALITIES of what will make you happy, and it is to stop being an unwilling martyr so that others can prop up a vision that is far from practical of functional.  Just live your life and BE what others need you to be to be happy.  If you both make such "sacrifices" for each other, the result will be unity, strength, and... happiness.

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