Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Improve Yourself to Increase Attention

I have been covering different things that I have learned, and another is the fact that you need to improve yourself if you intend to gain the attention of others.

I know how you feel.  I have been there.  Something has happened, and you are struggling financially, romantically, etc.  You feel rejected and abandoned, and you are looking for someone... anyone.. that will notice you and help you rise from your low state.  However, that rarely happens.  So, you go about getting more and more bitter and feeling that no one cares, so you start to lift yourself up and suddenly people start to interact.  However, it's not their fault.  It's how ALL of society happens to be, even if we are not conditioned to think so.  

Think about it.  On social media, people go to the profiles with the highest numbers to follow and do not follow those with less.  Why?  They consider people with more to be "tested" or popular.  

There was a movie that I watched and liked as a nerdy kid growing up called Can't Buy Me Love where young Patrick Dempsey paid money to a girl to pose as his girlfriend.  The result was that he was suddenly desirable for other girls.  There are other movies or shows that repeat this theme, because it is true. People don't pay attention to those in need of attention but to those with lots of attention.

Now, I'm not saying you should whore yourself out to get the most attention or that you should see your social media score as your evaluation of quality, like that Black Mirror episode with Dallas Brice Howard or what's happening in China right now.  However, people aren't out there looking for a project to fix.  They are looking for someone that can give THEM something back in return.

This is true for more than relationships.  It is true of jobs, where employers are interested in those with jobs or experience for their work.  It is true of schools that like students that has already learned things.  It is true in every fashion of life.  Everyone... both genders, all ages, all parties... will walk past a homeless person to go to a party held by someone with money.  

That may not be RIGHT, but it is how it is.  Rejecting it will mean you will have a clear conscience as you gather by your trash can fire in the cold.  Wouldn't you rather be a PART of it?  You can have convictions but recognize realities at the same time, and being a part of it means you can influence it by being it in the best way possible.

Right now, I am in the middle of a long path I have been taking to improve myself, because I recognized that I needed to be someone that had something to contribute to others.  It is a continual process that will continue long AFTER I find someone, because I need to REMAIN someone worth having.  Part of that includes recognizing where my past failed to achieve its goals, confess your errors, improve your image, and maybe do thing differently if you want different results.  However, you won't accomplish ANY of that sitting by your trash can holy fire.

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