Monday, December 27, 2021

Lessons of 2021

 As I was creating the “best of” playlists list, I reflected on important lessons and turning points I had this year, and I wanted to note some of those things that helped me with my rebirth and peace and confidence that I developed this year.

-Look forward and not back… at what you want over what you lost.  The “secret” fictional movie on Amazon helped me with that one early in the year.

-I learned you need to confess your wrongs in past relationships, even if they are not.  It helps you to grow from the mistakes, so you do not repeat them.

-I learned you need to give up things you want to unify with your partner to get more of what you want in a relationship.  I knew that and did that in the past, but after the divorce I focused too much on being an individual.  I learned it wasn’t bad to give in the past or to have a relationship of care, even if it didn’t last.  Ice cream doesn’t last but is good.

-I learned a lot of your anger isn’t really with the person that dumped you but at yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt.  You have to forgive yourself to be able to take that risk in the future.  Accept that there was good in the past attempts and use that confidence for the future.

-Finally, I learned that the man has to lead.  Women and men have different roles and expectations.  Women will often tell you to wait for it to happen.  However, if the guy follows that advice, nothing happens, as even the woman wants him to make the move.  As an introvert, that’s been a difficult lesson to learn, but as my confidence grew, it has become easier and fun.

I hope these lessons help you in your journey, as well.

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