Saturday, January 15, 2022

It Isn’t What It Isn’t


I created that meme in the early years of dating my ex wife and wish I had paid more attention to the message.  Then, I lost the meme, but I still had this FB share of a blog no longer on the blog with it.

You often hear people says, “it is that it is.”  When I first heard that phrase, I hated it.  I always liked to challenge and fix things.  However, as the serenity prayer tells us .. there are things you can’t fix.  However, unlike that prayer, there isn’t just two options… to fix it or to accept it.  If it is beyond repair or if the other person chooses for you or just a choice that does not work, you can move on.

The flip side of something being that it is would be that sometimes it isn’t what it isn’t.  That means that you need to determine if an option is truly what you believed or if it is a non solution.  This is VERY important when you are dating and considering someone as your partner, but it is also important in other areas.

Wherever it applies, if an option doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean stop looking.  It simply means that one didn’t work out, so you need to get back out there till one does.

So, keep your eyes open with true vision based on objective facts and not rose colored lenses or even shades for that matter.  Then, choose where is the best application of your energy.  Otherwise, you can waste years on dead options that will only hinder you both.

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