Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Little Askew

I was recently driving for my deliveries, and I was reflecting on how I learned to turn the food bag slightly askew to avoid it falling over one direction or another with turns or braking.  It sounds odd, but it actually works.  If you turn it just 15 degrees or more, a sudden turn to the side won't cause it to topple, and it has more stability with forward and backwards motion.

I thought how true this is in life, as well.  A lot of people want to be completely symmetrical and proper looking.  However, when your goal is to look just so and perfect any slight pressure to one side or another becomes a threat to the whole of your presentation.  However, if you BEGIN by CHOOSING to be slightly askew.. slightly OFF from the stereotype, then any pressure will find you flexible to adjust yourself to remain upright, because you are not tied to a perfect presentation.  In the end, it will mean you will be more able to remain and last, than someone that was expecting a life of perfection.


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