Thursday, March 17, 2022

Delusional Wasteland

We are living in a time, when it is trendy to be delusional.

That statement may sound extreme, but it won't when you actually stop and think about it.  The problem is that it is a SYMPTOM of the condition that people WON'T stop and think about it.  We are conditioned to pretend.

We pretend with cosmetics, spandex clothing, and living on credit cards to think we are better or more than we say.  Indeed, one of the most popular movies out there right now is based on the true story of a woman that PRETENDS to be an heiress and and elite, when she is really just a poor liar.  But, it isn't just her that does such a fiction.  We have social media filters, and the internet is full of people that present themselves as thin, rich, and more.. when they are really just as average as the rest of us.  Our government pretends to be warriors, even as they explicitly demand to have no part in the defense.  We have political parties that pretend to care about the poor, while they live in their mansions on donations collected from the very ones who will receive no benefits from them being in office.  But, it's not just the rich that does it.  The poor will "claim" they are rich as an act of "faith" as they give their last dollars to ministers that actually ARE rich and who will give none of it back to them.  

 When Jesus actually healed and helped people on the earth, he demanded they have actions to receive.  Indeed, the Bible actually declares that the "faith" of people that won't act on it is "dead." Benjamin Franklin is famous for saying, "God helps those that help themselves," and it makes sense.  God uses PEOPLE to act on this earth.  So, you are either going to get up and let him empower YOU to solve your problem, or you will just be a beggar relying on the good nature of others... in a world that lost that nature a long time ago.

For my part.. I decided a long time ago to be me, whether or not others like me.  I said that if I try to be something that I am not to get someone to accept me, it would be "bearing false witness" which is a sin that is VERY trendy on social media and life.  I knew also that if I got someone on a fiction, they might leave on the truth.  So, hell or high water, I will always present a true image of myself.

And, I think THAT is very important, if you seek to find happiness that remains.  Otherwise, the happiness that you find is nothing more than a play in which you have to keep pretending.

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