Wednesday, March 2, 2022

I Believe

 I deleted my blog post where I doubted that I would ever be in a relationship and said I can be happy on my own.  While it is true that the likelihood is low, I don’t have to let it change me.  A hopeful person is a happy person.  Whether I achieve my personal goals or not, it makes more sense to live in hope then bitterness.

I re-watched Alice Through the Looking Glass the other day, and a new quotes stood out to me..

“It’s not impossible.. just un-possible.” 

Alice: But a dream is not reality.

Hatter: Who’s to say which is which.

“Young lady.  You cannot change the past, but I dare say you might learn something from it.” 

The first quotes are basically saying there is value to a dream beyond achieving it and that things that seem impossible are really just not presently clear.  The final is that we should not assume our future will be our past, if we are wise enough to learn from and let go of the past.  

All of these things are things I have learned over the last several years, but for some reason this Valentine’s Day really messed with my confidence.

Of course, I am not pinning my happiness on someone else, but I am not going to stop seeking it, either.  It may never happen, but even if it doesn’t I will choose to believe, instead of wallowing in the depression of dispair.

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