Saturday, April 23, 2022

Life or Death

"Anything is better than a life standing still." - Beautiful Creatures

I remember one time I used to keep a journal of things I philosophized, and I remember one chart that I did.  It was a line, like you see in Geometry... off to each side with an axis in the middle.  One one side I wrote life, and the other side I wrote death.  Then, I made notes that were science based definitions of those things.  Something that was alive was ACTIVE and busy... atoms dividing, energy flowing, etc.  Something that was dead was still, quiet, immobile.  

This is a scientific principle.  Even in our bodies, we determine someone is dead when the currents of electricity ends in the brain, though the body will continue to decrease for quite some time before it is gone, as well.  In fact, that is one scientific principle that I determined a long time ago that would explain the afterlife.  We know that energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred.  So, the energy of a life that has left has gone... somewhere.

But, to get back on theme, life is activity, while death is when it ceases.  We live somewhere in between those two extremes all of our lives, living and dying more or less by the choices that we make.  Some LIVE their lives into elderly years, while others began dying early in their lives.

OUR choice that we must make every day is... will I add life or death to my existence today.

Now, that life won't always be pretty, and sometimes our life will feel like it is killing us from the pain, but that pain means we are alive and awake, while others that cut off their feelings have literally stripped the potential of life from their days.

In Psalm 139, we read that if we fall into the darkness, we find that God is there.  Often, we like to paint a picture that says God is in the rainbows and sunlight and happy feelings.  However, he is also the one that created our hearts to feel pain.  The divine is in both our happiness and our sorrow.  To cut both out of our life is to cut LIFE out of our life and to begin our decent into death.

Today, take a moment to listen to the things from which you shield yourself and learn.  It might just lead to a heart that can find joy in the future, as well, and you might find the voice of God speaking to you there.

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