Saturday, April 16, 2022

The Real Me

There was a scene in Legacies that I watched last night that I wrestled over till this morning, as it was a very good analogy by the show of something I’ve already noted along the way and keep fighting back… indeed, the Hold On song by Armin Van Buuren and Davina Michelle in this week’s playlist and previous lists was included for just that purpose.  The song has her admitting she can be hard to be around but that it’s hard to live without a warm embrace or trusting face.

But, to get back to the show, Hope this season had turned off her humanity after losing her love and became the full tribrid.. witch, werewolf, vampire.  In this scene, new Hope is faced by old Hope trying to come back.  New Hope said the old one was weak with all her emotions, but old Hope pointed out that new Hope was filled with emotions like anger.  She, then, pointed out that her emotions was her true self and the defensive, angry one was just a fad.  Then, she assumes control as the one in control.

After breakups, it’s easy to get like that.  We build up walls and shut off emotions, but then we are not showing our true self to others and are not being ourselves.  If we show our emotions, we MAY and likely will attract those that seek to use us, but it’s also the only way to attract those that will love us and allow us to love them.  Without that, we will just go along numb and sacrifice our future happiness for our past pain.

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