Saturday, April 2, 2022


I realized that I haven't done an update post in a little while, though if you follow my social media (kenclidton00 instagram,/ you are pretty caught up.  But, I thought I would discuss some of that and more in a post.

The biggest recent change is that I am going to go back towards teaching.  A LONG time ago, I was going to do teaching.  I completed the ABCTE program for Elementary Education, which is counted as a certification path in several states.  Florida is one of them.  It meets qualification for a temporary, and then you have to do the professional competency in a school by verification to get the full 5 year certificate.  Then, for good measure, I did the WGU elementary education program.. all but student teaching.  That was back in 2007 or so.  I got my statement of eligibility back then and started applying, but most of the positions were full, because the market crashed in 2008 and teachers decided not to retire.  That was when I schooled for accounting, instead.

Looking back over the many years that followed that decision, I'm thinking that was a mistake.  That was when I was married to my first wife, and she was still recovering from her post partum break.  I needed to fund the family, and I chose an occupation that would pay a lot of money.... accounting.  However... from the divorce that followed IRS to being taken advantage of by IBM and other experiences with accounting, that path did bring money but also brought misery.   And, I didn't like having a job where my whole point of existence was making other people rich.... being a person that is driven by helping others that was not at all satisfying.  Indeed... I even attracted by 2nd wife when I was an accountant, and she left me when I was not.  So... nothing good came out of it.

So, I applied for my new statement of eligibility with the state.  There was a minor hiccup, because my old exams that I had used in the past to be qualified (CLAST and the subject area exam) no longer qualified... they no longer use CLAST, and the subject exam had to be less than 10 years old.  However, there was another rule that said if you have a Master's degree you don't need to do the exam for which CLAST qualified me, and ABCTE qualified me for subject area.  So, back where I started and got the qualified statement of eligibility this week.  

I also signed up with Kelly to be a substitute teacher in Hillsborough County.  They are the company that does subs for the county, now.  All that is left for that is for my fingerprinting and background check to be complete, and I can start taking jobs.  The pay is decent.  It pays about what I make after i remove fuel costs for deliveries.  So, if I sub M-F and deliver on the weekend a little, my pay will actually increase, and it means that I will have my evenings and weekends as free as I would like them to be, again.  

It is entirely possible that the subbing will lead to a job position opening, or I could get one applying with my SOE, and that pay would be much better.  I'm also inquiring about a program at the local community college that will qualify you for a 5 year certificate within a year with classes in the evening and weekends.  I would like that option, but I'm not sure if I can afford it.  I did the FAFSA to check, but I'm pretty sure I've already tapped out my financial aid options.  But, we will see.  Even if I can't and even if it takes a while to get a full teaching job, I think subbing would be just fine.  It pays enough, frees my evenings and weekends and gives me a chance to actually do the job and gain experience.

Now, on to other things that I haven't mentioned on social media but have just been in my head.

I haven't been even trying with the dating apps for several weeks.  In fact, I deleted my Match profile completely... not just disabled.. and stopped using the other ones.  I did update them from time to time but didn't use them and haven't paid for a subscription to any of them.  Honestly, I was starting to think I wouldn't date... my Ubereats just barely pays the bills, leaving little for dating, and it's not like that is a very good job title for dating... hey, I deliver food for just enough money.  But, this new teaching possibility has awakened that in me, again.  If I could actually make money in a CARING position with a purpose and be able to provide, as well... well, that opens that door, again.  So, I updated my profiles without paying for anything or sending any messages, yet.  Baby steps.  But, there might actually be a romantic future, yet.  I've also been thinking of spending time after work at places around town that I might meet someone, too.. but that will be when I can afford to do that.  Just knowing that the potential is not dead has done wonders for my self esteem, though.

I'm also becoming more disgusted with both sides of politics, and I'm seeing more and more that my objections with how society has fallen is not just me being too sensitive.  I realized today that we have not only make it acceptable to break almost all of the ten commandments, but it is actually frowned upon not to.  Want to play a game?  Well, that game better be killing people.  Adultery?  You mean you still believe in one person for one person?  Stealing?  Well, that pretty much IS taxes, and shoplifting has become a sport.  False witness is the standard for both politicians and selling products... or selling yourself with the right tools and filters.  And, heaven forbid you forgive ANYONE in this culture of hate.  It would not surprise me at all if this WERE the final days.  I don't say that as a turn and burn evangelist.  I think they cherish showing others their sins a little too much and show too little compassion.  However, I'm also not blind to where things are heading.  

Needless to say, it's a good time to stop trying to prevent what may in fact be prophetic and a good time to spend my time caring about others and myself.

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