Monday, May 30, 2022

Divine Hormones

One of the things that I like about delivering with Ubereats is that I can think.  There is something about driving with the music playing that allows me to just unfocus and be more open to both thoughts and Divine inspiration.  This morning I was in one of my God inspired thought journeys, and it took me in a direction I did not expect and is worthy of a post.

Last week, I paid for a couple "boosts" in dating apps.  During that time, I was led to use Tinder, which is something that I had already discounted as being too shallow and image oriented, but the inner check that unmistakable that God wanted me to do that.  Nothing came of it, and it didn't result in a like or a match, but it made me wonder why I felt that.  Over the weekend, I worked extra so that I could pay for Okcupid if I wanted to do it.  As I noted, it has a small share of the dating app use out there (where Tinder is king), but I figured that it would be more romantic oriented.  So, anyway, I got the money to pay for a month and waited for that inner check to guide me, as I typically do.  Nothing... my inner radar was absolutely cold.  So, I just put it off till I knew what to do.

Getting back to the thought time in the car.  So, I am driving and thinking about the dating apps and such and suddenly I felt that inner voice clarifying something for me that I think is good for everyone.  What I was led to realize was that the PHYSICAL was designed by God as a method of selection and should be used as a guide.

I'm sure that many of you will have the same reaction that I did of not wanting to believe that could be God's lead.  But, that's often how I know for sure that something IS of God, if it goes against what I want to hear.  But, as I began to process what I was feeling it became more and more clear that it is true.

There is a reason that Tinder IS the lead app for dating.  People use it.  There is a reason that seeing the physical and physical acts of intimacy leads to arousal.  It's how God designed our bodies to react.... PRECISELY for the purpose of attraction and romance.  Should it be the only guide... absolutely not.  That can lead to mistakes, as was the case with my Ex's... but my EX's was my ex precisely BECAUSE we found each other pleasing and did physical acts, as I am sure many of you can say about your ex's an current romances.

This is why so many of the "romantic" apps lead to friendships.  People go into them looking for someone like them that can be their "friend first" which in my experience is friend forever.  Others will say not to use apps but wait for it to happen in real life.  But, again... how will that happen?  You will SEE each other and LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, and that will lead to flirting and more.

So, while it is important to use your brain to guide your selection, I think we all use our eyes, feelings, and hormones to identify the potentials.  So, I need to hit the gym a lot more and work on my presentation.

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