Sunday, May 1, 2022

Why the Golden Rule?

It is very easy to become cynical in this world.  It is easy to see hopes fail and examples of others that become their worst version of themselves and think that is just how the world works. I have felt that at times... more often than not, actually.  However, I used to think, "If I exist and have a good heart, then it must be the case that others also share that, as well."

I think a lot of what we see in the world is people living cynical versions of themselves, because they SEE other cynical versions.  They don't like the world, but they believe that you have to be negative to be safe or to be accepted.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to that.  It is actually an act of courage and defiance to be better and believe others are, as well.  It also opens you up to a lot of risk.

However, this week I was thinking about this and how it applies to businesses and our own expectations.  We believe that everyone is just out for money and themselves.... till it comes to what we need.  If you get sick and go to the hospital, you are suddenly required to HOPE that the surgeon and nurse are thinking about your need and not what benefits them the most.  When you send your kid to school, you HOPE that the teacher is looking out for the best needs of your child and not what quiets them or sidelines them, when they get difficult.  Even when you order food from a restaurant, you hope that they are preparing the food to a high quality and not using old materials or worse.

We live in a world where we HOPE for the best but often live our own lives mirroring expectations of the worst, which only inspires the worst in others.  The only solution to this is if we find the courage to live OUR lives on the expectation of our hope in others and be for them what we desire for ourselves, which may in turn inspire them to do the same.

THAT is the purpose of the doing unto others what we would want them to do to ourselves.

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