Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Aim, Shoot, Adjust

I need to go out and do a lot of deliveries over the next several days, because I spent a lot of work time involved in interviews that led me to GET HIRED as a TEACHER this fall :).  But, I have had a blog post in mind developing that I need to do, so I am going to do it and my next playlist, before I head out the door to get busy.

When I was in the military, my MOS was Artillery.  I both did tow artillery in the National Guard and self propelled in the regular Army.  There is something that was true about that that has always been a true guiding post on how I approach things.  Aim... shoot... adjust.

When you are planning on shooting at a target in artillery, you have to first get an idea of where they are going to be.  So, you send out advance party to scope out the area and spot them.  Then, you use that information to aim and SHOOT.  One thing that you have to realize about shooting artillery is that what worked last time will not necessarily work, now.  The wind has to be factored in and other environmental factors that can make your accuracy fail.  So, you take an initial shot.  Then, you see where it fell, make adjustments off of that, and shoot again to hit the target.

This is true for how you approach things in careers, romance, and life.  You get an idea of your goal, and you take a shot... not necessarily knowing if it will work.  Then, you learn from what results for a more accurate next shot.  Indeed, my attempts and divorces were definitely learning lessons, as are each attempt I made at finding that special someone.  It also helped me as I progressed towards finding a career that I would love.

You will fail. Get that through your head.  But, each of those failures can be seen, instead, as learning experiences so you will grow as a person... both in learning about yourself and about others.  Each time you fail, you become that much more accurate and confident in your future attempts, even as you become more graceful to yourself for the failures.  One day, those lessons will pay off and you will find more happiness.

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