Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Frankenstein Theory of Romance

 I reflected a little, today, on my Frankenstein Theory of Romance that I came up with a long time ago, after my first divorce.  It’s still very true.

When we reflect on Frankenstein’s monster, we think of a mad man trying to create life.  But, there’s another way to think about it.  It’s a story of hope and courage that he took things that died and put them together to make something new.

In a similar way, we all pull parts of ourselves that was inspired and created in relationships and connections that ended… died.  But, rather than just fade away, we put together the good from all of those experiences and make something new and believe in a new life.

Something good to remember.  It wasn’t all bad.  You had good in the past, you are a collection of those things, and you can sow yourself together to believe in new experiences to come.

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