Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Friends, interests, flaws, and more.

I was thinking this morning about that scene in Hitch when Hitch is talking to Allegra about Albert, and Allegra is saying all the goofy and flawed things Albert did that charmed her.  Hitch asked in shock… “that worked for you?”  Allegra said it was adorable.

I think we try too hard and become things for others, because we feel we cannot show our weaknesses, but as I have been noting in recent weeks it’s the flaws or uniqueness that will draw the right one.

We feel that shared interests are the key, and that can definitely help.  But, friends share our interests.  If we feel interests is romance, we will be jealous of everyone that shares our partner’s interests.  We will also maintain friendships after being in a relationship, because it’s NOT romance.  

I’ve said it before, but I feel the only interest that is necessary for romance is an interest in each other.  I had a meme I made a long time ago where I said romance is the desire to make each other smile.  I’ve grown since then and know it’s much more, including being there in sorrow and correction when needed.  But, all of these have in common that the PERSON in our focus and goal, not what we do.  That’s why a person in romance will wait for a text, a smile, etc and the lack of that will harm a connection.

We don’t need to be perfect for the perfect person, and I think we all would rather have someone notice us more than what we are watching.  Just morning thoughts.

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