Friday, June 24, 2022

Magical Moments

I've touched on this from time to time, but I thought it deserved a refresher on the blog.

What is magic?  Generally, it is something happening beyond our understanding.  Centuries ago, people were called witches for practicing basic pharmacy that we know, today.  I'm not saying that what was deemed as magic was always something that was really something physical, like pulling off a hood in a Scooby Doo cartoon.  There are some things that were and are unseen, both in what is called witchcraft/ magic or even religion.  However, it must be said that some of those invisible things have become accepted as reality by many, such as the benefits of meditation, positive/negative energies (attitudes) by people and their effects, and more.  I also believe there is divine intervention, but accepting that isn't necessary for this post.  

People like to rest in the comfort of things beyond them, when they feel lost, inadequate, or empty to give them hope.  Even those that deny religion have other invisible concepts or beliefs upon which they rest.  No group is fully what they profess... often it is very much the opposite.  However, people BELIEVE in the good in themselves, and the groups they choose; even as they judge absolute negatives in their opponents.  That faith is a kind of magic, in and of itself.  It empowers people to prepare, try, and maintain their course in the light of disappointments.  Many people cite Thomas Jefferson's letters as foundation of an anti-religious separation that Jefferson, himself, did not show.  Jefferson wrote and published a BIBLE, in fact, that contained the parables of Jesus as moral teachings.  Later in his life, he would as leader of university invite ministers of multiple faiths to come speak on his government funded college.  Indeed, once upon a time, I wrote a book that quoted statements of faith by EVERY President and every state from the inception of the country to present.  Whether or not those words were true, it is an indication that people want MAGIC in their life... a purpose hope for a manifestation of their dreams.  Walt Disney built an empire on that very hunger.

Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog about how we "romanticize" things and how that is an indication that our understanding of "romance" itself is more than just things we can understand .. we romanticize romance.  Many in later life take that to mean they should wake up from their "foolish" earlier expectations and desires and should be more "rational" about relationships.  Perhaps, that is why so many in later stages of marriage before divorce are so focused on the negatives of their mate.  However, those same people that find bitterness in their lives will honor those long time couples that kept "the magic" in their relationships to old age.

It is true that when you romanticize things or believe in a higher purpose or rest upon a higher destiny, you are trusting things in something else, rather than what you can do yourself.  But, I have learned in my life that it is those things I do not initiate that holds the greatest value for me.  And, maybe I am foolish for doing it, but I intend to follow very old advice and "lean not on my own understanding" as much and instead make room for a little more magical intervention to lead to a life of happy surprises.

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