Monday, July 11, 2022

Experiences are Life

I heard once that life is what happens when you are making other plans.  I think it’s also what happens to give us courage to do other things.

They say that birds fly because they has faith in their wings from the past.  Today, I was thinking about that and how I have noted in the past that one step in recovery from a break up is to reconnect to who you were before them (the next is validating the you while you were WITH them, but that’s another message).  

When you think back to pre-them, you realize why it was that they liked you and why you liked yourself.  When you do, it changes how you interact with others… not trying to validate yourself by the approval of others but to shine so that others can see you for the miracle you are.

I’ve had a lot of experiences over my life, achievements, failures, pains, and learning adventures.  I have worked as an IRS agent, worked for IBM in accounting, built up a furniture department at Dillard’s to be 3rd in the district, wrote several different kinds of books and articles, was once a model in college, helped build houses with my dad, was the 1SG’s driver and training room manager for an artillery unit in the Army where I also won Solder of the Month, raised two daughters, worked in Boston, saw Niagara Falls, faced two divorces, declared bankruptcy for medical bills and etc, had my first ex have a post partum psychotic break, have lived in poverty and good income, had a Ham Radio license, was both a player and then bookkeeper for high school sports teams, was sports photographer for the teams for yearbook, attended science fair 3x and won 2x on regional level, got other awards in math and civics and electronics and more, and a lot more.  I’ve definitely lived life, and it gives me a lot to draw from in my memories and maturity.

I say all that to say this.  I’ve demonstrated that I can overcome challenges and have very strong wings of courage for the ones to come.  I don’t need anyone to validate me, either.  I already know I rock.  Life going forward is just applying that knowledge to let others see that, as well.

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