Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Unity of Interests

Have you been to a baseball game or another sports game?  I like baseball, so I like to go to the games, when I can make the time and afford it.  One thing that I like is how when you are there, you are surrounded by a lot of other people that also like the game.  When you are there with them, you are all fans and unified by that fandom.  

Now... do you think those people share ALL of your opinions?  No way.  You are probably sitting right next to someone that differs ENTIRELY with your political opinions, views of society, religion, and more.  But... no one is asking.  No one cares.  You are unified by that one interest, and none of those other differences matter to that unity.  

You will find that this is true of any fandom that is out there, whether it is sports or Dr Who or Harry Potter or interests like taking pictures, collecting rocks, growing a garden, making clothes, or anything else.  You don't bring outside differences into the discussion, because you WANT to highlight the interest of unity.

We can learn a lot from this and apply it to a lot of other things that need it.  Does someone disagree with you on something... or a LOT of things?  Maybe.  But, chances are that there are a lot of things of agreement that you can find with them, as well.  You might, in fact, BENEFIT from them, if you will allow yourself to get past their differences of politics, religion, sexual orientation, or more.

Unity doesn't require uniformity.  All it requires is two people that have something in common to enjoy together.

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