Saturday, August 27, 2022

Making Connections Not Converts

First, a backstory before my point that is not religious. Long before accounting and teaching, I had initially finished a degree in the Bible and most of a seminary degree. It was from a Baptist university, even though I was not Baptist. I was Methodist, and Methodists believed in inner holiness of the heart, instead of outward show of rules. When I say almost finished a seminary degree, I mean all except one course with which I had a problem. In the course, you had to witness to people following a formula and write about it.

Now, those that know me know I am very practical, empathetic, and show my care in actions. I don’t like the idea of cold calling, whether it be religious or selling insurance. I think it is dishonest and impersonal. It’s also not how Jesus operated. He healed, fed, and cared for those with needs without saying.. accept me and leave your tithes at the door. I’ve also seen too many commercials or cultic churches, and I felt it made more sense to move out of the walls with care than with recruitment speeches. But, in many churches, it’s about numbers and money, which is why I don’t attend often as those in them don’t often actually CARE about you.

Now, fast forward to politics and culture, today. Again, it’s cultic, and those in each party (both are guilty) are caring more about numbers, money, and “winning” than caring for or even understanding the needs of their members, let alone caring for them. Teaching is about the kids, politics is about the voters, even fast food is about the eaters, but customer SERVICE is all but gone.  Many (especially leaders) are more interested in growing groups than making personal connections or growing themselves.  So, the groups separate, and people develop purity tests of others and exclude all others… even though that is exactly how each denomination died.

If we are to find more happiness in our lives, we need to be more focused on learning more about others lives and meeting their needs, even though that may seem counterintuitive.  If they know that you care, they will be more interested in helping you, and you may both learn from each other and find JOY in the company of those you once rejected.

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