Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Information is Key

Just a quick blog post to balance my blog message out a bit.  Generally, I am a more heart strung person that likes and centers on what can be felt as being more real and important.  It's who I am.  It's actually why I have a romance book that I wrote from the woman's point of view, because I learned back then that there is almost no romance from the point of view of a man market.  Men don't read books about romance as a whole, even if there are exceptions and even if men can be romantic.  Shakespeare, the Romantic period poets, and myself are examples of that.

That being said, it is important to use your head.  There are a lot of songs out there about using your head to guard your heart.  It think it's equally important to use your head to GUIDE your heart, as well.  They have said that religion's structure is like riverbanks to faith that make sure it's channeled properly.  The same is true for the head's role in romance. 

Recently, I dated someone and didn't think to ask till after the 3rd date what they were looking for in dating.  Our answers didn't match.  I was looking for romance, while she was looking for companionship to do things.  That was kinda an important thing to know before the 3rd date.  It could be one of the advantages of using dating apps (which this was not), as you have the answers to those and other questions right there in the profiles and settings.  However, even if not in apps it is important to know you are on the same page from the start.

I don't believe in mental relationships.  I have had one of those that was much like a business relationship... served it's purpose but without desire or passion.  I've also had passionate things that weren't wise.  A combination of head and heart is important, as you proceed forward.

That's all.  I just thought it important to establish in this blog that wisdom (gained from experience and knowledge) is important, if you expect to have effective outcomes.

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