Saturday, October 22, 2022

Barter System - No Pain No Gain

 Did you know that during the earliest years of our country there was no US currency?  It wasn't till 1785 that a currency was created. Prior to that.. and afterwards for much of the land.. people changed items or services of value.  I give you some of my crops, if you give me some of your meat... etc.  It was called the barter system.  That IS the foundation of a real economic system.  I give, you give.. I gain, you gain.  It was based on value for value, and it was always meant to be WIN - WIN, as we both got what we needed by giving up a little of what we did not.  If the price was too high.. taking too much of what I had for too little in return.. it was rejected.  There was a natural balance to it, and the government was not involved at all.  It wouldn't be til later that the government would create a system to get a piece of every action of trade, much like Apple with every software involved in their devices.

I don't say this for political purposes (though it is something to remember about the independence of value and trade), but I wanted to present this as a needed reminder about dating, relationships, work, and more.  If you wish to GAIN something, you should be prepared to GIVE something.. sometimes that something is effort.  If you wish to have a healthier or fit body, it is going to take strain, repetition, and sweat.  If you want to have more money, get out there and work harder.  If you want to be seen as attractive, what are you doing to improve your appearance?  If you want to maintain a relationship, what have you done for them or said to them, lately?  Benjamin Franklin said it a LONG time before it became a fitness saying.... "There are no gains without pains."

So, if you want to start gaining in your life, you need to make sure you have something to give, and you need to start looking for win-win, instead of trying to gain by just taking from others.

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