Monday, October 17, 2022

How to Be Magical

On my way home, I began to reflect on something and have been thinking about it while getting a few groceries and at home.  I wrote a similar blog a few months ago, but I want to expand on it.  Mainly, because I haven't been applying it to my own life, even though I know the truth of it.

On my way home, I was thinking about how I am not feeling the magic of things, lately... with the exception of maybe the orchestra and some events that I have done.  However, it has been kinda mechanical, procedural, logical.  Don't get me wrong, I AM those things a lot and value them.  However, there is something to be said for basking in the wonder of things and believing in things in which you cannot see. Sometimes, that's more important than actually getting it.

My post a few months ago was talking about the magic of romance.. from past experience, haven't felt it much lately.  I talked about how often "seeing things through rose colored lenses" is seen as a bad thing, unless you are in National Treasure trying to read a treasure map.. ha.  It is a warning of value, as sometimes we can overlook warning signs in hope of something being there that is not. I have made that mistake many times.  However, having a strictly factual point of view can also be limiting.  Almost all inventions were made by people that challenged convention and created something new that people doubted could happen.  That took... magical... thinking.  

The same thing is true in how you value something.  Value is... ITSELF.. illogical.  People say that something is worth something for a brand, style, or because others want it, too.  There is no OBJECTIVE reason for why it is valued more, other than people decide it to be so.  Things that we have that have sentimental value for memories are similarly valuable by a standard that doesn't necessarily apply to the materials that make it up.

My point is.. we don't WAIT for magical things to always happen TO us.  Sometimes, it takes us choosing to see value in something.. to see it in a magical and romantic way.  Indeed, the romantic poets wasn't named so for love romance as much as seeing EVERYTHING, even nature, in a wonder filled way.  I need more wonder in my life, again.  I think we all do.

So, if you want a magical life, trying seeing your life in a magical way.. imagine possibilities and create a little magic for others, as you plants seeds of it in your own life.  There are many shows and movies that touch on this, but I'm going to do two for my evening, tonight... the first is the Doctor Who episode where a diety sun wants memories as payment.  The other is Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  Go find your own magical influence for YOUR life, too.

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