Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Self Employment Money Ideas

It was about the time that my 2nd wife started having major back problems that required me to be at home to do things like cook, clean, grocery shop, etc.  I needed to be able to pay the bills and do all that, so I experimented and explored with online or app income options.  I learned a lot, and I know that I can earn money to pay bills and then some.  I want to share some of that as I prepare for the potential of doing it, again.

First... two sites to find work online, outside of these... they are harder to get the jobs, but the sites help you to know what is out there

Ubereats / Uber

Ultimately, Ubereats became my main at home income idea, and it's no wonder why.  If you happen to live in a major community, the income you can make is really up to how many hours you want to put into driving it.  You must love to drive, and I do, especially if I have music playing.  In early mornings and evenings, I can net 16+ per hour.. with evenings being closer to 20-25.  Lunch is less, but it is still profit to be added into the daily total.  If you are delivering on weekends, it would be higher, and weekend afternoons really could just keep going all the way from lunch to late evening, depending on when you wish to deliver.  I usually cut off my deliveries at 7-7:30 on nights that I deliver (starting at 4:30), but that's just because I wanted time in the evenings to relax or do things.  I've delivered up to 9, and it was still going... so I'm not actually sure how late it would go.

The advantages of Uber is multi-faceted.  You can take off whenever you like.  Got a lunch date.. or a dinner date?  Simply take that day off and work another that you were going to take off.  Lunch dates are generally easier, because that's the lowest paying time of the day.  People love their breakfasts, more.  You make more money when a family is ordering, together.  Next, you can get paid as soon as 1 hour after your delivery.  You can get instant transfers of money to your bank up to 4 times, daily.  There have been times that I put my literal last 10 dollars into my gas tank and made 50 and went up from there.  Have a big bill coming up?  You can work extra hours the very same day to pay the bill.

The disadvantages are manageable.  You need to remember that it is independent contractor work.  So, you aren't having taxes removed, so you need to save up for it.  Also, there will be wear on your vehicle, so it is important to have a credit card or savings that can be used for auto repairs and to replenish that source after the repairs.


Appen is an Australian company that has major software company clients.  Their tasks generally pay 10-12 dollars an hour, so it is lower.. but the work is interesting.  Without giving away confidential information, you may find yourself doing work with major search engines, evaluating videos, or categorizing products on social media site stores.  Or, you may be tasked with finding offensive words or videos or judging social media web pages or app pages.

However, I can't stress the downsides enough.  Be aware that they pay you once a month.  So, you work an invoice over the course of the month and submit at the beginning of the next month.  You are then paid near mid month.  Also, the tasks can be sporatic.  I have qualified to join tasks only to have the entire task project cease without warning after one week.  I've been with others that lasted many months.  You just don't know.  

With usertesting, you try to qualify for tasks, and if you get it... I generally got 1-2 daily.. you can make 10 dollars for a 15 minute task where you follow their directions as they test out their site, using screen recording to capture your process.  You get paid 1 week after completing the test.


Prolific is a microtasking hub.  The first such hub I worked for years was Amazon Mturk, owned by  They have fortune 500 companies, major universities, and governments as clients.  However, they pay pennies on some tasks... literally.  For all Amazon's talk about paying people, this site pays far below minimum wage and is a known and used company by all those others that talk about wanting to pay people more, including pollsters and politicians.  It's one reason I no longer use them, because they are literally taking surveys and tasks to learn how best to screw people, while paying those they ask miniscule amounts.  However, Prolific is one of a couple sites that pay more.  You can answer surveys there and make over 15 dollars an hour sometimes.  Other times, there may not be that much.  However, I just use it to fill in income when not delivering, say early early mornings, mid afternoon, or evenings or weekends.  There are a couple other microtaskings sites out there, and each generally has a different kind of work to do.  Rev for example is a transcription site, where you can listen to audio and type it and get paid.  I had a hard time with the background noises, myself.

So, those are just a few ideas that I use.  There are smaller tasks that I do, and I can provide links to find more professional jobs (harder to get), but those would be separate posts, later as the list of both are rather large.

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