Sunday, November 20, 2022

Don't Curse the Rain

This morning, I had to go pay for a tire to be replaced that I was budgeting to do next weekend.  Because the school district is delaying paying me my last check, I didn't have the money to cover it, outside of my budget.  Because, I had just paid Intown's rent (it's every 4 weeks regardless of when in month it falls) and I have an HCC payment withdrawal coming out on Monday.  So, I used the HCC bill money for the tire and am working extra hours to cover it, today.  It's especially difficult expecting that kind of money for a Sunday delivery day, but I ventured out to begin my lunch deliveries.  

It rained the whole time.

At first, I was irritated at this, but as I continued I noticed a lot of high tips... because I was delivering to them in the RAIN.  That got me to thinking.  How often do we curse the rain that falls in our own life, when it may actually be preparing us for a much better outcome?

I'm going to take that as a lesson to myself and just let the rain fall where it may in whatever area of my life and keep an eye on where that is leading me in my journey.

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