Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Follow YOUR Happiness

I wanted to broaden the base of recent posts to highlight another factor that is important in going forward to happiness.  You have to seek YOUR happiness.  It won't always be the same as everyone else.

Economists and those with a logical brain have often pointed out that to give more to one is to take away more from another, as there are only so many pieces in a pizza, for example.  You see this on both sides.  However, the question that is never fully addressed is SHOULD everyone get the same amount of pieces?  Should everyone get the same amount of income and benefits?

I'm not only going to say no, but I'm going to show you why YOU don't think so, either.  I've noted some of this before, but I am expanding with my new mentality.  

When you are deciding on how much you are going to tip someone, do you say, "Well, they all get the same amount of tip."  No?  What about when you go on bad dates vs good dates... men or women with integrity and class and act romantic vs those that treat you like crap.  Do you give them the same amount of access?  No.  Further, do YOU want for them to make it so that YOU cannot rise up in income and assets in your life... suddenly say, "No more.  We are lowering the rich and keeping everyone the same level of poor."  No.. even the poor want more, as evidenced by the BLM founders, Dem leaders, and celebrities buying mansions.  They all want more... even if it means less for you.

As someone that has lived a life of making that happen by willingly giving up my assets and time for them, I say that you have to make YOUR happiness a priority.

Now.. I'm going to sway this into a very controversial area, and I will probably piss people off.  But, its the same concept.  

When I was growing up, I didn't give much thought to my heritage... my white heritage.  I didn't give much through to color, at all.  People were people to me.  It wouldn't actually be till the last few years that I would discover how DIFFERENT life is among a more minority based community.  Further, THEY are PROUD of their heritage, and they are celebrated for it, while people that are white are discouraged from feeling good about themselves.  They are automatically an aggressor by the COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, so we were taught to be ashamed of our heritage.

But... I LIKE the recipes my mom cooked as a kid.  I liked the way we did bond fires or smores or family reunions or more, as we grew up.  I like the independent southern way of standing our ground and the spiciness of southern girls.  I like our church services, old wives tales, and way of saying and doing things.  That's culture.  It's NOT enslaving anyone.  It was just how we were raised, and I like it.  The point being... THAT's a part of where my happiness would lead... one day retiring to have dinner at the Cracker Barrel or other restaurant, watch patriotic fireworks, and greet people in church.  It would NOT look like others, and I'm ok with that.

You have to define and seek YOUR definition of happiness, whether that is popular or politically incorrect.  The others won't bend their definitions for you.

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