Thursday, January 19, 2023

Live Life

 “Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, while the used key is always bright.” Benjamin Franklin 

When I picked up my car from the body shop, he noted that it had to be jump started to bring it out to me and tried to say it was the alternator.  But, I ran it, and it charged just fine and has given me no problems starting since.  I was thinking that it’s more likely from sitting in their garage for 2 and a half weeks with a door that wouldn’t shut to shut off that dash light.  And, that prompted some interesting thought.

When a car sits for weeks, ANY battery will drain.  It needs to be used to stay charged.  Likewise, a PERSON needs to be active to stay healthy…. And their brain active to stay sharp.  That’s why many play games like Wordle or Words With Friends as they age.  If you want to retain a skill, you must USE it.  And, when I first started dating after years out of it, I sucked at it… I was out of PRACTICE.

My point?  You have heard me often say that entropy means all things fall apart.  That’s true, but the SPEED and effect and even direction can be changed by our ACTION or lack thereof.  The more you delay acting for careers, fitness, or romance, the more likely you never will.  And, ANY activity, even if ineffective, will strengthen and improve you. So, don’t contribute to your entropy but take strides to reverse it and live, while you are alive.

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