Thursday, January 26, 2023


 I'm in the mood to write a few blogs that are just taking up space in my head and on my notes app in my phone.  First, I will do a quick introductory post to cover some personal things, as much as I am going to share as I am not sharing everything, anymore.

This has been a rough week.  I got my first full paycheck, this morning at like 9 am.  Since taking my job, I have worked from the 3rd to now with only pay for 3 days, two weeks ago.  So, it has been financially tight to say the least.  I began by depleting my savings and available credit. Then, I got another credit card, because I knew I would need it in my budget to pay rent, last week... which was accurate.  In this most vulnerable time, I would have my alternator replaced, when my car was having problems starting.  The battery was replaced in late November, so I and they figured that was the problem.  I had to do all of the alternator and other things they did on credit, which cuts into my extra from my job, especially after I learned my car insurance was going up and my paycheck was not going to be as much as expected.  

However, the car would completely stop starting, last night.... while I was completely on the other side of Tampa Bay from my home and with no money.  When I say no money, I had just spent my last money on gas for my car, a package of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, and the cheapest toilet paper possible for me to get me through to the paycheck on expected Friday pay date.  I had no money for uber home.. no money to get it repaired, and it was getting colder and colder.  I called and messaged a few friends, but they could not help... nor would they be expected to.  They are not my significant other... a point I will be making in one of my posts, tonight.  Luckily, my boss of my job was able to take me home and help me get back to work in the morning.  Then, I was able to get my car towed on my car insurance to a Jiffy Lube, thinking I could add it to my credit... which was inaccurate.  However, my paycheck came early, so I was able to pay for the repairs out of pocket and made some adjustments to my budget to help make that possible without much disruption.

But, now.. my car just purrs.  As I drove it home, I was thinking it has never run so smoothly.  It's almost like a rental car.  So, the end result of the week of stress is a much more reliable car, words from the mechanic that I am not leaking oil from underneath (a good thing to know), and I was able to use accumulated leave hours so that it had no impact on my paychecks.  Like God said, the trials are not given without a means of escape, which would only be fair and that is a point that will be made in another post, tonight.

I feel exhausted and beat around a little, but I survived.  And, that's an accomplishment that I will take.  With the paycheck, it will be tight but not as tight as it has been the last few weeks, so I can finally breath peacefully, again. 

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