Friday, February 3, 2023


 I spent years over multiple sections of my life struggling with bills and money issues.  Following the temptation of my peers and media, I blamed society, “the rich,” and others.  Yet, each time those money issues resolved when I applied for and worked at good paying jobs, even if they were difficult.

I say that and wanted to do this post, because we have a problem with people not understanding consequences in this society, today.  Yes, life may be unequal for all out there, and there may be tragic stories as exceptions. However, the large part of what I see in others and myself are simply the results of what course of act we take.  Like… my ex from several years ago that told me she wanted to end us and refused offers of counseling and reconciliation has been struggling with debt for over a year, now… but EVERYTHING in her life is a result of the choices she made, including her massive over spending.

What we have and lack may be a result of many factors, but the main factor is… ourselves.

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