Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Free to be You

 In my life at different times, I have 

..been part of a fraternity of southern gentlemen that honored God and women, who just happened to have Robert E Lee as a spiritual founder.

..married a witch and spoke about the overlap of Christianity and pagans, whose beliefs include doing no harm to others, acts/confession of faith, rebirth, and more.

..publicly defended LGBTQ choice, even as i tended more conservative.. and chose being conservative when the whole media was deeming that being a “terrorist” or Nazi.

..stood for freedom of body for vax choices and for the freedom of liberals to take and use it, despite risks.

My point being… Even when it was not popular, I’ve always stood for the freedom of people to be how they want, love how they want, live how they want, and oppose restrictions on that from both sides (and both sides want to control others… it’s just a matter of how).  So, stop apologizing for being how you are and just go be happy doing it.

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