Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Occam's Razor .. What Can You See?

This is the first of two blog posts that I have planned for tonight.

There is a VERY OLD principle in philosophy and science that is called Occam's Razor.  It began in the 14th century, and was originally "pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate," meaning you should not multiply the complexity of something beyond the explanation.   Later, it would be modified slightly to say that the explanation that requires making the least amount of assumptions is most often the most correct.  

I was thinking about this principle over the last week or so in regards to several things... my history with my exes but also other life truths, as well.  

With regards to my exes, I used to say years ago that I gave my first ex too much "unwarranted grace".. something that equally applies to the second one, as well.  When they did things to show little empathy or care, I spent YEARS with them and after making up reasons in my head why they would do those things... I'd say: they were busy, they were dealing with their own issues, etc.  But, I was busy and dealing with issues and still made an effort.  However, the principle, above, applies here.  If they didn't show care or concern... or initiate romance or other things, too... the simplest explanation is that they just didn't CARE beyond what benefited them, personally.  In both cases, the years that followed would show that to be the case, as they did and said NOTHING encouraging, supportive, or interested in trying again, following the relationship end, while I was still hurting BECAUSE I was interested.  Simplest explanation?  

"One of would die for love
One of us would give it up
One of us would risk it all
One of us won't even call
One of us could say goodbye
Never even bat an eye" says Ava Max in her new song One of US.  

People say, "It is that it is," or as they say in We Bought a Zoo, "Sometimes you don't know what it is until you see what it is, you know? Once you see what it is then you can figure out what it is."  And, that is because when you SEE how it is, you KNOW how it is, unless you make up stories in your head.

So, whether you are talking about if someone is a good romantic match or if someone is a true friend, I've learned over the years to look at the "fruit" as Jesus told us to do... then you can base your life on what is real and not what is imagined and save yourself potentially YEARS of attempt and regret, following.

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