Monday, February 27, 2023


It occurred to me this morning, as I drove to work, that my “new” dating philosophy and mentality of taking things slow and casual is not actually new … only new as applying it to dating.

Whey I first moved back to Florida in 2020, I got excited about turtles.  I thought they were a great example of how to drive in traffic and the pace for life. Why?  When you slow down all the hotrods pass you, and you are left with a more peaceful drive.

I guess I did apply it to dating but in the wrong direction.  I said to be a turtle meant to be interested in finding true love and let the sex oriented ones pass you, but that’s backwards.  Those seeking a long term marriage replacement is moving VERY fast in social settings, while those just looking for fun is taking it slower…. And having a much more peaceful journey with less stress on it.

Just morning thoughts, and I thought I’d share.

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