Monday, March 6, 2023

Definition of Delusional


“a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary” Merriam-Webster

“a false belief or judgment about external reality, held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, occurring especially in mental conditions.
"he began to experience hallucinations, delusions, anxiety, and agitation along with dizziness and nausea"” - Oxford Languages 

I have an ex that had mania that resulted in a psychotic break, post partum.  I’ve seen delusion up close and personal.  The person in it can be VERY happy, because their perception of reality is based on their wants not on objective facts.  However it can be very dangerous for themselves and for others if they try to rely upon that falsehood.  

I wanted to do this post, because delusions are abounding today, as people are defining their reality based upon themselves and what they desire and not based upon objective facts like other people or their own limitations.  I, myself, have been guilty of this in many areas at different times, where I believed that I was currently good dating material or believed that I could have a fully happy life on a limited income.  You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge is broken.  

There is this really good series that I watched on Peacock and might go back and watch it again real soon that’s called Brave New World.  It’s based upon a classic book and stars several famous people in it as well.  

In the series the main character is coming to this city area where everybody is well fed and taken care of and so his mother wanted him to be able to go there and to live that kind of life.   When he gets there he realizes that everybody is happy happy and living well and and just have to make sure that they’re taking these pills that are prescribed by the government at different times… what’s your level of this what’s your level of this or that ..and these pills made you feel happy and only notice the good and fall in line with the the positive rhetoric of this society.  

Being sad or negative or pointing out bad things was deemed a bad thing for society, so they had regulated that out of people.  You can definitely tie that to some current day medications for some things or different ways of people taking things, but it’s also in a larger sense tied to how we all are are all steered to positive things and to see the positive, even if there’s glaring negatives in our lives that that would motivate us onto better things 

One of the reasons that I have accomplished what I have accomplished in the last couple months to improve my lifestyle through hard work and straining and being very tight on my budget and a lot of other things is because in December I was looking at my state that I was in…being so tight on money and not living where I wanna be and not being how I wanna be and not being able to do things that I want to do. Instead of just making excuses for it or having a delusion that always happy happy, I acknowledged it sucks.  

I think there’s a quote by someone who said that the first step in progress is discontent.  You have to recognize this isn’t good enough …this isn’t working ..and that’s the state that I had to reach and at that  bottom state I realized I needed to make a change. That’s what gave me the motivation to be able to start making the change.  

I had done that before when I started exercising and running 5Ks, because I realized that I was not really of the dating material that I wanted to be.  I mean if I’m gonna present myself to somebody else, am I physically fit and am I financially fit.  Those kind of things came to my mind in December, and I decided I have experience and got a degree ..why am I allowing myself to be like this.  

And, so I started making changes in my life, but that was based upon my splash of cold water on my face to wake me up from my delusion and to start recognizing the realities around me and adjusting with them in order to reach the goals that I have.  

I think a lot of people in society are living in that exact kind of state right now where for one in one area or another they want something to be true and so they believe that it’s true, even if there are glaring physical or mental or regional or income or age limitations that cannot make that possible.  So, I think I want to do this this blog post then to say that if you are seeking happiness ..if you’re going forward to happiness, true happiness requires that you might be sad a little and you might recognize the negatives in order to be able to make the steps that you need to have real lasting happiness.

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