Sunday, March 5, 2023

If It’s Broke, What Do You Have to Lose

My computer is broke.  It has two issues.  One is that it can’t update.  It gets stuck in this loop of trying to update and getting to 30 percent and sits like you see above.  The only sign of life is a light flickers every 30 seconds to a minute, indicating it MIGHT still be working.  But, it can sit like that for hours.  I have tried everything up to reinstalling Windows but same result.  If I hold the power down twice I can get it to remove the update, till it tries to update, again.  The other issue is that it will randomly start entering, scrolling down what I’m typing and disrupting it.  That has increased in frequency, making it almost unusable (doing this on my phone).  I am still trying solutions (at present letting it sit and blink in an update to see if it fixes it).  However, if nothing works, I’ll replace it.  Why am I talking about my laptop in a happiness seeking blog?  It’s actually a great illustration of a point I wanted to make that’s been in my mind.

One of the advantages of being of an accountant mind is that you get in the habit of using logic to solve problems.  You’ve heard me say, “It is or it isn’t,” or “it is what it is,” or “it isn’t what it isn’t.”  All of them have a central point of not wasting time on things you know isn’t working and looking for what does work. I’ve had this mentality for a long time, but it’s typically when I have been working as an accountant that I actually use it to make changes, instead of waiting around on a broken system (computer or life situation) to resolve itself.

I am religious, but I’ve learned faith cannot change the minds or personality of other and should not be used to do so.  It also can’t be used to make mis-matched gears or things fit together.  Reality plays a big part in everything, like learning if you want a more comfortable life, it better have some hard work attached to it to earn money.  You can hate capitalism all you want, but you’ll do it on food stamps and welfare, unless you get out there and find a path to higher income.  THAT is a lesson that should be being taught in our schools to give kids a better shot at life but isn’t.

But, back to my point.  If you are sitting there staring at a broken computer or keep repeating the same broken methods to find happiness, you will CONTINUE to do so, until you actually DO something about it.  You may feel fear that trying something new may fail, but… it’s ALREADY failing.  It’s already broke.  What do you have to lose?  So, you may as well try something new to fix your current situation, even if at long last you conclude it’s time to give up trying on something and replace a few things or methods to do so.  If nothing else, it will be an adventure and reduce your frustration in your days, which is definitely related to happiness.

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