Friday, March 10, 2023

Just Keep Going Reprised

 Back on December 16th, I did a blog post called "Just Keep Going."  You can find it HERE.  In it, I described the events of the week related to my job interviews...

"It was rainy as I drove over there, but it cleared up as neared.  So, I went into the interview and had two interviews.. for two positions.. and gave my references, and THAT one is also very full of career potential.  DURING those interviews, however, the power in the state government building just went out... no storm outside.. it just went out.. and we finished the interview in a half lit room running on generator.  After the interview was over, I went out, and I found one of my NEW tires FLAT, so I changed it to the donut and drove back to Pepboys where I got that tire to have it repaired... taking up more delivery time.  As the finished repairing the tire, their hydrolic lift broke and severely damaged my car door.... again, remember rent was due by the end of today... the next day after the interviews.  So, that night and all today I delivered with a car door that won't fully close and met my budget needs... DESPITE taking time out for those interviews.  I COULD have just said fk this.. I'll just pay weekly at higher cost and work harder to make up for it NEXT week, but I knew that if I get called for one of those jobs, I would need to have a month till rent was next due to be able to have the gap between starting a job and the first paycheck.  So... the week was VERY rocky, which always seems to happen most when you set out to improve yourself."

I would also say over the beginning weeks of auto issues and financial challenges that struggle or difficulties do not mean that you are on the wrong path.  I noted that every attempt to improve yourself creates discomfort, whether it be bodily pains of exercise or stepping out of your comfort zone.  

I just wanted to circle back and recall this post and those challenges, as my career in this organization has a firm foundation for success, now.  I wanted to note it because I’ve been around many people in the past and been influenced by them that believed you should look at how God blessed you or not to guide you (like a rat in a maze), but the truth of the matter is this.  If you only follow the path of least resistance towards pleasure and ease, you will find yourself unfit, broke (work is hard), alone, and ultimately entropy away.  You must make a change to move towards success and happiness.  And, God knows that.  It’s why He lets you face difficulties to change and grow.

So, when things get hard.. stand fast and keep going, or as Thomas Edison said, “ Be courageous! Have faith! Go forward.”

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