Sunday, March 19, 2023

Lessons From Ubereats Revisited

 Back when I was doing Ubereats deliveries full time, I did a couple posts on life and romance tips that could be understood by analogy to things there.  I wanted to revisit and extend that.

1.  Don’t sell yourself cheap. Not everyone is able to be successful as an Ubereats driver full time.  I was not for a long time.  I would not be, until I learned to do one thing… refuse requests that asked more of you than they gave.  You’ll get request for half hour deliveries that pay 2-4 dollars.  If you keep doing those. You’ll barely pay for gas.  I’ve been known to reject up to 7 in a row, waiting on a request that was good for me, too.  You have to do the same for dating options and more, too.  I’ve had too many experiences in my past of doing a LOT and getting little to nothing in return from ex’s.  I won’t do that, again.

2.  Put yourself in places that are most likely to have results.  If I drive around in barren land, I would end up out of gas with little to show for it.

3.  Keep yourself maintained.  Driving, or life, can put a strain on your ability to perform.  So, you need to budget in money and time to keep your car or your body ready.

4.  Those that offer little are most likely to complain.  I’ve noticed that the lowest tippers are also the ones that will give you a negative rating for being slow for traffic.  It was also true of the bargain shoppers when I managed furniture at Dillards.  Avoid even the idea of settling in dating or life.  You are setting yourself up for judgment.

5.  It takes work and time.  Don’t kid yourself.  When I was successful at deliveries, I had to accept in my mind that I would be working at LEAST as much as I would in an office.  Being successful at anything will take hard work and time, even seeking your someone.

6.  Those you meet with distrust you from experience of others in your position.  You must show them quality, and they will reward you for it.

7.  Let frustrations go.  Every other day in deliveries, I’ll get some jerk that does something like offer a high tip and then reduce after deliveries just to get you to take the order.  You’ll find people in dating that are equally fictitious with what they offer to get you.  You can’t tell it will be like that, till it’s over.  But, you can’t let that put you off.  The next one can reward you very well, and your overall day can be great.

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