Sunday, March 19, 2023

Updates Part II

 After a weekend of reflection, I wanted to update my update.  It also helped doing a Tarot reading.  They are always spot on for me.  This one correctly identified that I’m dealing with disharmony among my team at work.  However, it challenged me in this and romantic wants to be careful letting emotions lead.  I do have a problem with passion at times.

The fact is… I can still do my job, and if I fail for lack of knowledge, it’s on them.  What are they going to write in my personnel action against me.. he went to others for help?  He didn’t materialize solutions out of thin air?  This will ultimately come back to bite supervisors that started it in their own butt.

As for not being able to have friends at work… fine.  If that’s how it falls for lack of outside connection, then it is that it is and will be a shame but not end of the world.  One day, I’ll manage a department, and I can do what I want.. even about those that were behind it.  Til then, I’ll continue to succeed on my own, as has always been my story.

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