Saturday, March 18, 2023


 I haven’t done an update post in a while.  I wanted to do one to just vent, process, or tell of a few things without going into too much detail or revealing any confidential work things, which I never do.

So, the biggest one weighing on me is that I began a new position over the last two weeks, while still maintaining my old position.  That’s all public information, and it’s ok on the short term, as long as it doesn’t become permanent which has happened to me at other jobs.  At IBM for example, they stopped hiring for an assistant for me and ended up replacing me with 4 people when I left.  However, that’s not the frustration but something entirely new to my work experience.

Three days ago, I was told that I cannot go to the last people in this new position for work questions and must rely on a work manual that only talks of half my work tasks and a boss that doesn’t like to be bothered and admitted to not knowing most of what this position does.  Now, I’m good at figuring things out, so I’m able to answer most of my questions, but this whole .. we don’t talk to them.. or I forbid you from being friends with her.. is so third grade.  I will eventually figure out how to do all I need to do, but the FACT it happened at all has left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for this employer and would be the only reason I would leave he’s job, if it comes to that.  I’ve NEVER been told by any past boss who I can talk to and have to sneak around to just say hi to someone.. feeling like I’m in a fishbowl, every day.  

The potential for this position is nice, but the actual net pay I get in paychecks now is actually not much (if any) more than I made with driving Ubereats.  If I ever were to leave, I’d also have the reverse of my pay challenge at the start of this year. I’d be earning immediately while waiting on paychecks and would result in roughly 12-1500 in savings as a result with no tight finances at all.  I’m also being contacted by recruiters, but seeing all this same old office politics from the past might just turn me off it all, forever.

Moving on.  

I’ve started getting out and doing things, again.  I plan to update my Tampa Bay on a shoestring blog, soon.  Recently, I went to see Kansas in concert at Busch Gardens on my annual pass.  It was fun, and there are about 4 more this spring I’d like to see.  It’s free for me to do on the pass.. just whatever I’d like to drink or eat is all.  I also saw the Oscar’s at Tampa Theatre, which is always beautiful. It only cost 25.  For about the same cost, I am seeing Harry Potter vs Star Wars at Eckerd Sunday night by the Florida Orchestra.  There was also a Frank Sinatra cover singer at Mahaffey on Wednesday.  All of these are relatively inexpensive, and I could do them as an Ubereats driver too.. did in the past in fact.  I just need to get out and do it.

Dating upDATE is that I’m not.  In all my .. going to be more casual.. it did result in more chats, but I do still watch out for red flags and interest on their part, and no one has yet made the cut.  I’ve also realized that I want more than just dating.  The chats have awakened something inside me that had grown cold.. desire and lack.  It’s scary to feel those, but it’s also living, and I plan to live.

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