Saturday, April 15, 2023

Free 2 Be Happy


Pic of my mug, as I type this, above.  I got it at a Bass Pro Shop, last year.  On the back of it, they quote the 2nd amendment, but I like it for all freedom.  Those that know me know that I stand for and defend anyone for their freedoms, and that often puts me at odds with most people, as most of the big groups, today, want to control or censor SOMEONE.  

The Supreme Court in many decades past has said that freedom means protecting behaviors we might find offensive, because that protects our choices that others might dislike.  Scripture says that where the Spirit of the Lord is "there is liberty."  Yet, when men get involved, we feel that freedoms can be granted out by the benevolence of the leadership of the land.  That's not how our country's founders saw it.  Before our constitution, we had the Declaration of Independence, and reading the language of that declaration and the speeches of the founders of the land, you understand they were simply acknowledging the RIGHTS that mankind were entitled to have, simply by existing.  A satirical play on that concept could be gleaned in The Lorax when they were selling AIR.  Certain things are free, and I think the most basic FREEdom would be our own choices over what we do in our bodies and our lives, so long as they do not impact the freedoms of others to do in theirs.

The reason I am doing this post on this blog is that freedom is essential to happiness.  Have you been in a relationship where you felt that you could not be yourself and be accepted?  Have you been in groups, where you felt you could not speak your mind?  Hostility to the freedom of others is popular, today, so you probably can relate.  It USED to be that "liberal arts" meant considering multiple points of view, so the full picture can be understood before making choices or to grow as a person.  Yet, that is all but lost on all sides... one reason I am an independent.

Now.. don't get me wrong.  It can be GOOD to give of yourself for others.  But, it is valuable, because it is a choice.  Someone that gives to the poor on their own is amazing.  But, when everyone is taxed to do it, there's no value to the giving for that person, as they HAVE to do it.  When everyone is controlled, no one has the opportunity to be special.  And, I believe in people being judged for their actions.  If I treat my ex the same way I treat someone that shows interest or care or empathy, how am I rewarding my friends or etc?  We tip people based on how they do, and we make dating choices by what we see.  Why should we not score people for performance and reward or exclude accordingly, as well.

So, be yourself.  Like some things.  Dislike some things.  Choose who you are around and who you are not.  But, let those that you dislike do their own thing apart from you, or you might find your own choices in fire, as well.

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