Thursday, April 6, 2023


You will notice that I removed many blog posts, leaving several playlists next to each other.  Sorry about that.  I had been processing several things from my work life there and some other items in which I feel was unfair to me.  I don't and didn't give names, but here's the thing.... they have no power over me, unless I LET them have power over me.  Instead, I deleted them from the blog and social media, kept my head down and focused on what I COULD do, such as doing my job the best that I could do, continued to prepare for my run in 10 days, and processed, internally.  It was honestly a very different reaction for me from how I handled such things in the past.  When faced with a threatening situation or feeling mistreated, HUMANS..not just me... are prone to fight or flight... confront it or run from it.  In the past, I have both made those choices or had others make them.

This time, however, I did something else... I waited.  And, the threatening situation not only passed but seemingly reversed, leaving me potentially more respected at work and leaving me more ingrained in a respectful and rewarding career.

In my study of theology, a long time ago, I recall learning that often times, such as with Job, we feel like we are in danger of complete failure or death.  And, it is true that some paths are not meant for us to walk and doors must be closed and new avenues taken.  Yet, often times, the reality is that our enemies (spiritual or otherwise) are just trying to scare us to make us choose a path that they lack the power to force us to take.  So, they use the time honored tactics of science... carrot and stick, mouse and cheese, etc.  They make it difficult in one place, so we will walk away to another.  In football, the players will jump all around before the snap of the ball, because they are trying to get the other player to jump across the line and thus get a team penalty.  It's not the other person but us that ends up cutting our options.  I think I have left jobs that I shouldn't like that... and I've had ex's leave me for the same reason.  

Yet, what I have learned this year.. starting with the obstacles in my job interview and car problems and more that I won't discuss .. is that if you "just keep swimming" as the movie goes... just keep walking, you get through the valley.  But, if you stop, you stop in the MIDDLE of a dark valley, and why would you do that?  

So, this post is to say that.  Don't give up.  If you do, YOU gave up.  If they end things with a job or a relationship, then that is on them.  But, you might find yourself surprised at others to give you more patience and have more compassion and understanding than you expect, IF you stick around to see it.  Don't let anyone or any spirit or any situation rob you of what you are about to achieve by getting you to quit in the darkest night before the sun rises on your new day.

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