Friday, April 28, 2023

What I Like About Me - day 2

This should’ve been yesterday’s  post, but I was busy up until late last night, so I’m doing day two right now and will do day three later on tonight.

Today, I want to focus on the quality that I am kind. Whenever people introduce themselves at parties or wherever, they will often say I do this as a job or I do that as a job or say I like to do this as a hobby or I like to do that as a hobby. These are facts these are not necessarily qualities about somebody. You can have multiple people that like to do the same thing but wildly different personalities. so it’s not really those things that define how somebody is or who somebody is. 

People will also excuse certain qualities about somebody and say …well they had this that was going bad or they had that that was going bad, and it strained them. There is some room for that .. I mean … if somebody is not normally a certain way and they act in an unusual way that’s out of character and not good …then you can overlook that. But,  repeating those kind of things and it’s gonna stick around, those are the kind of things that define them and you should remember those when you’re talking about who somebody is or how somebody is.

 I overlooked a lot of those things when I was looking for somebody to date or t marry or such things in the past to my own misfortune. 

Sometimes, I have disliked the fact that I have a kind personality. I felt that it made me too easy of a target or that I felt that it would not be seen as an attractive quality in a man or other similar beliefs. But, the fact of the matter is I like the fact that I am kind, even if it means all those things and those negative consequences.

It doesn’t mean that I can’t stand my ground or be critical of or stand against someone who is taking advantage of me or someone else or that I oppose people facing consequences for negative behavior. But, in a world that seems driven to battle video games and more, I like the fact that I think about how my behavior might impact somebody else in a positive or a negative way.  Will it lead to me being victimized or misused at times? Yes! I believe that people that are habitual users seek out those who they can use, and that is one reason why I’ve had so many similar bad relationship partners.

But, at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to live my life as somebody else or put on a face just to impress or attract people to a personality that doesn’t exist.  I am an emotional person in many ways, and that’s OK.

So when people start reflecting back on how somebody has been by saying they were cruel or neglectful self-centered, I hope that they will look back on me and say he was kind.

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