Friday, April 28, 2023

What I Like About Me - Day 3

 For this one, I am going to be a little more revealing, though my long term friends will know it.  I like that I am creative, and that is seen in part in my books that I have written.  I tend to poke the bear of conversation, so I haven't been public about that, as my books can be a little ... well.. controversial at times.  But, my independence would be another day of what I like.. ha.  This one is about creativity.

My earliest books are devotionals, as that was near the time of my doing my Bible degree.  However, you will see that you can't define me by them in a bit.  I think those devotional ones are still available.  They were 30 Days of Providence, The Christian Superhero Training Guide, A Nation Under God, and such.  I don't completely still agree with what I wrote in all of them, as I matured.  But, they are well written and not judgmental.

Then, there was a break in publishing, as I got my first divorce and spent years of re-evaluation of many things and learned a lot about the church, myself, and society.  I would return with a fiction book that I wrote that was first called Awakened By Fireflies.  Later, I would adapt it to tone down the sexuality in a scene and call it Radio Free Diatria.  In the original form, it is still available HERE as a FREE download... or HERE at under the penname Kimberly Clifton.  I wanted to write action romance, and that usually needs a woman's name to sell.

Following that, I would write a metoo book about a woman being sexually pressured by a boss, and it was generally a good book.  But, especially my recent experience of having a woman use that to try to harm me at the workplace by filing a complaint for innocent conversation and flirting has made me re-think that book.  I would also write a lesbian romance book, where they were brought together by an angel, trying to bring together LGBTQ and the faith, as I did with a book written under my name that was an LGBTQ devotional.  I would also write a book on the overlap of Christianity and witchcraft called Godwitch.  You can see a lot of these by searching for my name or the penname and those titles, but most are out of print at present.

My point of this blog was to say that I have a creative spirit, and I have lately been thinking I will resume writing action, adventure romance.  I may as well, as I don't have a romance in my own life and have that part of my personality.  It would be a good outlet for it.

To answer your question, the fact that I write women's perspective so well is not because I am trans, though I considered that once upon a time.  I spent years raising an infant and homeschooling an ADHD girl and learned a lot about being a home parent that helps me to understand that... combined with being a kind and sensitive man.  My eharmony profile is often more empathetic and sensitive than the women... ha.  But, I have other masculine traits and learned a long time ago that I am not one or the other but a combination and mostly male.  I am also not gay, though I support them.  I am only attracted to women.  But, my life did provide opportunities to understand people better and writing gives me an opportunity to be creative about it.  That said.. the above free book is a hetro romance with a scifi futuristic setting and action adventure.  You'll like it.

So, my creativity is one thing I like about me, and I use it even when writing blogs or making playlists.

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