Sunday, May 7, 2023

Depth and Simplicity

This will serve as a transition from the “what I like about me” to wider thinking posts, again… as it is true of me, as well.

I was born an introvert.  I’ve lived my life at it.  It didn’t hurt that I grew up a “four eyes” nerdy kid with a slight weight problem.  So, most of my life I’ve spent involuntarily excluded, anyway.  So, I took that energy and developed a very interesting person, inside.

There have been a few times where I ventured out from my bubble… college dorm time, when I also tried modeling and being a church youth director… the early 2010’s when I had a more active dating life.. and recently doing Meetup events, again.

It has been a mixed bag.  I mean… I met a lot of interesting people and saw a wider world.  I made some good friends.  But, most in this age at this location are not looking for depth.. just connections and activities.  That’s great for that… if you are interested in that, I highly recommend Meetups.  But, the inner introvert that craves deep connections can easily feel disappointed, even though that’s entirely my own fault. Those kind of events are not meant for that level of connection.  They’re literally to … meet… up.. and do things.

So, I will keep doing them from time to time, because short of dating apps (which I am resuming) how do you meet people?  But, I will be investing more time in looking for my person.. the one that wants the level of close connection and intimacy that I deserve and desire and who would be happy if it’s just them, me, a couch, and a movie.. when we are not experiencing events together.  That’s the kind of happiness that is my end goal.

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