Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 On my lunch, I wanted to do a blog on a very important word that is highly underrated… maybe.

When the young hear maybe, they get frustrated.  They like to make snap judgments about things and get approval and more.  But, as you grow older, you realize things are not so black and white.  Yes, there is a value to learning from repeated no’s or learning what you like with yes.  But, most of the time life is not so clear.

I have repeatedly noted how with my ex’s I felt it was a yes but was wrong.  I’ve also learned over my life to like things I didn’t at first, too.  When I was first exposed to hominy, for example, I threw up.  For years after, I hated hominy without trying it.  Then, I did and came to love it.  Likewise, I was very judgmental about certain things when young that I learned in later life I could not only accept but adopt some in my own life.. like drinking or going to clubs or self pleasure to be honest.  I’ve become a master of that.. ha.. which is good being single, not that I would chose it over the real thing.  I’ve also learned to enjoy connections with people that are fleeting conversations or friendships, instead of making everything about happy ever after.

So, my point is if you are seeking happiness, you might want to go back and challenge some of your own reservations and expend your experiences.  You might find more of yourself than you previously knew and find new paths to travel on your journey to living a happy life.

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