Monday, February 12, 2024

Forward To Happiness Ebook

Above is the image of my book at, where you will also find the description and table of contents, below. It is a quick read but priced accordingly. My hope is that my learning on my path is helpful to you on yours.

My life is definitely not where I thought it would be as a child or young adult. It’s not even where I thought it would go when I began my blog for which this book is named… a blog whose contents were deleted and replaced several times over the years as I learned and grew. But, many lessons cannot be taught by words and must be lived to be understood. Very little in my Bible degree or MBA and accounting career would prepare me for a life stage of struggle that taught me more about me and life than many will ever know in sheltered lives and easier experiences. It bothers me when those kind of people give bumper sticker advice, so that’s one reason I wrote this book. May you never have to live the life I have faced, but hopefully some of my words can help inspire you in the challenges you find yourself.

This book is a compilation of 10 blog posts (which will be cropped after writing this to promote sales of this book that may not be long but is priced cheaper than the coffee you drink reading it), as well as inspirational quotes that I have always found valuable, as well. It is my gift of effort for you, and I hope it serves you well.

Table of Contents

- Introduction

- Unfortunate Lives (poverty isn’t evidence of sin or value)

- Hope (it’s own reward in darkest days)

- Life Happens (finding peace as you climb Maslow’s pyramid, not after)

- Strike While the Iron is Hot (be changeable in times of change)

- Finding Forward (consider your options)

- Assess the Stupidity (recognize when options fail)

- Resonance (seek those who share your interests or values)

- Where You End Up (look ahead to where path options take you)

- Let People Fail (don’t eat the blame for others or they cannot learn)

- Honey and Vinegar (value friends over being right)

- Inspirational Quotes (collected over time that help me)

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