Confession - The Hidden Secret to Happiness

I did a few posts about this over the course of the last few weeks, as it became more and more apparent to me. However, I have decided to do a full page about the concept, because it is more important than most I have shared and because it will give me room to add more quotes and references. This is a hidden truth right out in public about how to find happiness that most will not follow. I will add Scriptures, but this is really more of a psychological concept true to all situations.

In the Bible, God set an angel to guard the entrance to Eden, and I think that the angel's task is to make you feel the garden is anywhere but there. Similarly, God talks about sealing up certain books till the end with the most truth and in other Scriptures about scales being put on eyes that people cannot see. In Mark 4:12 Jesus tells his followers that they can understand many things that the world will miss... "That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them." In all of these things, it isn't that God doesn't want people to find the truth. He wants them to BELIEVE and ACCEPT it and them, willingly. However, he gives all mankind the choice to choose to follow their own delusions, instead. If they do, "the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." 1 Cor 2:14

Why did I begin with Scripture and those verses?  I believe the closer you get to the truth the more it is obscured and those that know the truth and the truths themselves are hidden away from others to learn.

We are living in a TIME of delusion... you might say a GREAT delusion, but that's another topic.  In any regards, people love to follow people... both metaphorically by copying others and seeking approval and literally follow on social media and via television and publications.  They base not only their lifestyle but their morals on what people paid to say things say... people that don't even practice those things in their own lives.  These monolith figureheads of defining virtue have dictated to people that if you want to succeed or be happy you need to stand your ground, be prideful in yourself, and refuse to concede.  

But, is that truth?  We are observing in Congress a national example that it does not, yet few learn the lesson.  Each side in government pushes their view and refuses to concede, and the result is that nothing gets done.  But, it's not just politics but everything that finds this result  People leave relationships out of pride... and then find themselves without the comforts of relationships.  They cut off people that disagree.. and then find themselves more isolated.  Then, as they follow their pride, they find criticism in others but not themselves, and that leads to the main topic of this post.  Confession is the hidden secret to happiness.

In our pride, we feel that admitting we are wrong is a admission of failure and doing so would reduce us.  However, the hidden TRUTH is that confession of wrong is what is necessary for advancement.  Thomas Edison failed 2 thousand times before creating a lightbulb.  History is FULL of people that failed in order to succeed.  It doesn't always mean abandoning an option.  Sometimes, it just means doing it another way.  However, EITHER way requires you to FIRST admit that what you are doing is not leading you to what you desire.

A lot of people will say they are following their truth, but that truth may lead them to sacrifice other truths or needs they have.  I say this from experience.  I have done this at times, where I have followed what I felt at the time and lost things that were more valuable.  I have had others do that and lose me.  It is not an either or situation.  Sometimes, you have to choose between one thing you want and something else that you desire more.  

Every relationship, workplace, or social setting will require you to give up some things to please the other person, and that is true even for those that seek approval from the popular kids or trending social media themes.  If you want to "fit in" you need to surrender some opinions.  You can choose to be independent, which is something I do, bu are you independent from YOURSELF?  Can you give up some interests to gain more from others, or will you end up ultimately living in a mountain and brooding about how everyone else rejected you?  It is great to have convictions, but have them... and then recognize the world (or the relationship or workplace or family or etc) in which you live and the realities you need to accept to be a part of them.  

Sometimes, you need to just play the part to please others, and that isn't so bad.  For example, I am generally a more sensitive man.. have been so most of my life.  At times, I went hard into that sensitivity and caring nature and failed to provide the necessary MALE figure that others in my life needed.. someone to provide, defend, and guide them.  Women realize when they are on their own but many miss when they are with someone, but it is not easy to do all of that at times, so doing it is a choice you make FOR OTHERS.  Similarly, many women don't want to accept the man's lead, feeling it makes them less.  Yet, failing to do it means a dysfunctional relationship of butting heads that will ultimately lead to dissolution... or it means a softer man which the woman finds unappealing.  So, we all have to sacrifice if we want to work, together.

Then, when you do make mistakes.. either within the social connection or by leaving it.. you FEEL like the right path is to keep following the mistake and refusing to bend. Yet, again, following your pride will lead you to less, while admitting wrong can restore you to more.

And... we come to the truth that CONFESSION of wrong is the path to restoration, and we suddenly find that Christianity was onto something with Christ.  I hope as we are approaching the season named for him you will not only recognize the foolish wisdom that led to his sacrifice but that you will apply the example in your own life.. giving up your pride to get more peace and success.

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