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My Tulsa Liberal Diary (Weekly)

I have found myself back in Tulsa and found myself stuck, here, for at least 8 years.  Ugh.  Tulsa is...well, think Handmaid's Tale religion meets every country music song you have heard plus every conservative shootem up stereotype.  That gives you a good feel of the majority of the culture.  It is not there is nothing a liberal would not like, here.  It is just not the majority.  If any of you have read my social media over the last few years, you would have seen a LOT of events my wife and I attended in the area.  However, they are the minority events of the area.  So, for example, telling someone we are going to the ballet elicits the guy telling me..."oh, you are getting dragged to THAT, huh?"  It can't be that I actually appreciate the arts, which of course I do.  However, if you read my other posts, I recognized long ago that I don't fit into that MALE culture, which is prevalent in this city.

But, being that I am back in the area, I have decided to start weekly posts (with pics) that chronicle our adventures, here, doing the ballet, museums, walks in the park, romantic holiday times, and such.  You will find NO pictures or posts of the ball games, gun shows, truck races, hunting or evangelical camp meetings that define this arena.  However, if I am REQUIRED to be here, I will present and publish an alternative of our experiences in the liberal underground of greater Tulsa in hopes of encouraging you to seek the same.  You CAN find people that respect freedom, love diversity, cherish learning, care for humanity and the planet, and want society to grow forward, instead of retreating to failed society of the past.  It is just found among the discarded of conservative society, but we would rather not be a part of that society, anyway.  Instead, let us build each other up and enjoy echos of life found freely in other communities, such as New York, L.A., Paris, and much more.  Then, maybe, life here won't be so bad.

Look for the first post this weekend on the regular page.  As I add them, I will add links to the posts on this diary page, so you could just bookmark this page for them.

March 10, 2018

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